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Our experienced sales coach delivers assessment, sales training and coaching for frontline sales teams. We’re often working in Eastbourne, Brighton, Crawley and across East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent and beyond.


Sales training that ensures your team can perform under pressure is a great investment for your business.


Do you want to:


  • Get more sales and win new clients to grow your business?

  • Negotiate more effectively? Sell on value not price?

  • Make sales presentations that obliterate your competition?

  • Set yourself apart as a world-class business?

3 Critical Elements in our Sales Training

Through our experience working with high performers in the fields of business, education, and elite sport, our sales training focuses on three critical elements of performance: structure, skillset, and mindset.


  1. Performance requires STRUCTURE. By this, we mean clear and useful common processes and systems.

  2. Performance requires SKILLS. By this, we mean the capability to perform core specific tasks connected to their role.

  3. Performance requires MINDSET. By this, we mean individual and organisational capability to control attention and focus on useful things within their control. It’s about recognising diversions and shifting attention back to a clear overview and specific task.


All these elements are connected. One without the other is not enough.


The programme will provide your team with the structure, skillset and mindset to deliver their best when they are back in the real world.

Our specialist sales coaches, based in our office in Eastbourne, East Sussex, are very happy to chat through these performance elements with you. Please get in touch.


Overview of our Sales Training Programme

Our unique programme combines assessment, training, and coaching. It’s ideal for your sales teams and will get results.


Clients come to us when they have a strategic initiative to deliver, a strategy to execute, a failure to fix or to drive ongoing and continuous improvement.

The context and concepts introduce a focus on all the critical basic selling and service skills but are centered on a simple, clear understanding of how customers build perceptions, form long-term relationships and make decisions to buy.


Sustained Change works with clients to deliver sales training that will improve performance and sales, which in turn delivers growth. In the field of business, we help individuals and teams to maximise their potential and achieve better results, whatever the pressures they face.


Our sales training programmes have evolved through a culmination of our experience in the business world, attending the best world's best training programmes, working with thought leaders and our own personal insights.


Our programme will help your team become more motivated and productive at work. Our philosophy is that motivated employees are productive and engaged employees.


Investing in your people will deliver significant returns. This sales training has been developed to get the best out of your team and develop their skills and capabilities to drive business performance.


The common theme across all our projects, past and present, is the need to perform when the pressure is on.


Our approach to improving sales performance is all about doing the simple things exceptionally well. It’s also about being clear about what those simple things are and being able to execute the basics, under pressure.

What will I gain from Sales Training?

You’ll gain:


  • A clear “big picture” understanding of the task at hand.

  • A well-defined framework in which to operate.

  • Practical tools and knowledge learned from scenario-based practice relevant to you.

What's involved?

Our Mindset Selling System is delivered in three main phases:


  • Discovery: working closely with you to define specific objectives, understand existing processes and clarify the key pressure points affecting performance.

  • Introductory workshops: introducing the key principles, maps, and tools that make up our Sales System; usually based on a 3-day format.

  • Implementation: ongoing support and post-training coaching. This includes a programme of 12 customised modules to develop and consolidate Mindset Selling skills.

Business Outcomes:

  • Identifying blockers to a sale and knowing the right strategy to get the deal moving

  • Selling skills needed to identify and move new sales opportunities through the pipeline and retain and grow existing customers

  • A practical approach that builds on existing sales capability with a simple structure

  • Increase in leads to bookings ratio

  • Increase in monthly bookings value

Personal Outcomes:

  • Think clearly: replace uncertainty or confusion with focus, clarity, and alignment to a common objective. People will have a continuous improvement mindset and intensity around tasks at hand.

  • Feel more in control: with the right system comes a sense of being in control and the ability to respond calmly and appropriately to any situation.

  • Act effectively: your team will be better skilled to think more about the customer when making decisions and solving problems.

  • Feel more assertive: your team will feel more confident when dealing with clients and leading them to make a booking more quickly.


If you’d like to learn more or schedule a 15-minute free consultation to assess how we can best help you, please do contact us .


As well as sales training, Sustained Change offer performance coaching and business coaching in East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent (including Brighton, Crawley, and Eastbourne), as well as further afield.


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