Harvard Business Review revealed in 2011 that, coaching “can improve performance up to 19%…even moderate improvement in coaching quality—simply from below to above average—can mean a six to eight percent increase in performance across 50% of your sales force”.

Business Coaching 

There has been explosive growth in the coaching sector… and with good reason. Coaching is a highly effective way to improve performance. When done well, coaching is an excellent investment. The gains in productivity, stress-reduction, decision-making, and overall performance improvement can be significant and long-lasting.

The main objective of business coaching is to define and clarify the business strategy, annual priorities, quarterly plans, and monthly goals.



Our coaching programmes help you to review progress and identify any persistent barriers and obstacles to progress.



Our coaching draws on:


  • 25 years in the world of business. This has included working within some of the world’s largest and most successful companies, such as HP, Oracle, and MicroFocus. During this time, we have worked with some great people (and a few not so great ones), experienced the highs of great wins, and faced the tough situations that inevitably arise.


  • A rich and varied life. Being a parent, sportsman, expedition leader, friend, and partner contributes to a unique view of the world and gives a great perspective on life. We draw on our everyday experiences and lets one part of his life feed another.


We work with managers and directors seeking to improve performance, people facing key decisions, such as a career change, and people looking to re-enter the job-market.

Sales Coaching

Sales coaching relies on the ability of a sales leader to motivate, train and support his/her team throughout the sales process by giving them the tools & insight necessary for them to solve their own selling problems.


There are two main areas in sales coaching:


Opportunity Coaching

This type of coaching focuses on how a sales rep approaches an account in order to acquire new business or up-sell into existing accounts.


It requires a very strategic approach and involves a high level of expertise to help the sales professionals work through things like account penetration, inability to access decision makers or competitive issues.

In order to offer helpful support in this area, it is important for the sales leader to actively be part of the situation, whether this is by joining prospect calls or through regular review meetings with the rep, to better understand the specific challenges.


Skills Coaching

Skills coaching, on the other hand, looks into the selling skills and knowledge of the sales rep. Again, this practice requires the sales coach to take time to observe first-hand how the rep deals with prospects.


An easy way to analyse a rep’s skillset and product knowledge is to join a sales call, so you can provide constructive and actionable feedback the rep can use in the near future.


Give them a week to practice run and then jump on a sales call again to assess whether or not your feedback has been taken onboard.


If necessary, offer further training around weak areas, shadow days with top performing sellers or video tutorials to further their learning.


For sales coaching to be truly effective, it must be timely, relevant, targeted, consistent and based on real data. One-off sessions have little impact on the performance of a sales rep as approximately 50% of training is forgotten within five weeks.



What are the Benefits of Sales Coaching?

A sales manager with great coaching skills will not only see improved sales performance but will have better sales rep engagement, reduced turnover and improved job satisfaction.


Fewer initiatives have higher ROI. Research undertaken by the Sales Executive Council shows that no other productivity investment comes close to coaching in improving reps’ performance and revenue attainment.

Furthermore, investment in sales coaching can also:


Harvests more top performers

Midrange sellers can become stellar performers when supported and encouraged by a motivational and informative coach that provides them with the training, technology and input necessary to grow their selling skill set.


Builds a culture of transparency

Effective coaching is a two-way discussion that places the sales rep (and his/her success) at the centre of the conversation. When these channels of conversation are open, there’s a bigger sense of collaboration and accountability amongst team members.


Attracts and retains top talent

A sales rep that is supported by high-quality coaching becomes more profitable and successful. A higher department-wide winning rate helps to alleviate the burden on top performers and encourages middle ground sales reps to aim ever higher.





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