I am a Board Trustee for the East Sussex Recovery Alliance. Detail of which can be found below. 


What do we do?

East Sussex Recovery Alliance (ESRA) is a peer-led Recovery community organisation (RCO)and now a Community interest company developed by several individuals in January 2012. Our members are made of people in recovery from substance misuse and alcohol problems or have been affected by someone else with these issues.


Overall Aim

Our overall aim is to guide and support individuals and families that are in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse and want to make realistic changes in their lives. 

We like to show that recovery is possible by offering peer-led support groups, activities and recovery coaching to enable people to take positive steps with their lives and promote a healthier wellbeing.


Our Mission statement

East Sussex Recovery Alliance is a peer lead project supporting recovery from substance misuse in East Sussex.

Our Vision: is to empower, build confidence, encourage responsibility and promote both physical and mental wellbeing in all those in recovery from substance misuse and the families supporting someone affected by substance misuse.


We believe in:

  • Trust

  • Honesty

  • Transparency

  • Responsibility

  • Building on people’s strengths

  • Being non-judgmental

  • Respectful

  • Open-mindedness


How to Join?

No Referral is necessary as we are an Open Access Project, People can JUST TURN UP, and Attend the Group’s and Activities, run on the day.



If people are interested in receiving Recovery Coaching, by our trained Recovery Coaches, that have previous lived experience, this can be arranged by speaking with group facilitator’s, or directly with the recovery coaching coordinator, or a member of staff. 


To become  an ESRA volunteer you must meet the criteria listed below;

  • Not currently misusing drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs

  • Be 18 years of age or over

  • Support the aims, values and mission statement of ESRA

As an ESRA volunteers you :

  • Will attend a 3-hour induction training

  • Should adhere to policies and procedures at all times

  • Should complete any task that you have agreed undertake

  • Should act in the best interests of ESRA

  • Can attend the Members Forum and all other appointments that have been booked in relation to your role

  • Will be encourage to actively participate in group/ one to one supervision and undertake training as necessary

  • Should give adequate notice before leaving where possible

  • Will act in a way which will not bring ESRA into disrepute

  • Will respect other people’s pathway to recovery and promote choice

  • Will bring any ideas, queries or questions to the group so that decisions can be made

  • Will ensure that you ask for help where needed.

  • Will read, respect and uphold all of our policies, procedures and group boundaries

  • In return ESRA will offer:

  • Ongoing support including 1-1 meetings with our Deputy Manager every 6-8 weeks.

  • The choice in what projects to become involved in, subject to ESRA’s needs and capacity as well as a member’s suitability for the role


All Out of pocket expenses including travel and if you volunteer for more than 6 hours in one day you can claim up to £5 for lunch.


An opportunity to have free counselling sessions

Ongoing training opportunities to support personal development.


Be involved in the development of projects and ESRA as a whole Access to information and support relating to your roles

If, as a member/ volunteer, you feel these things are not happening then it should be raised at the Recovery Forum or by using the internal complaints procedure.



ESRA Opening Times

All ESRA business, other than advertised activities, should be conducted in normal office hours ( unless agreed by directors), which are: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00 – 4.30


If email or other communications are sent outside these hours, they will not be read until the next working day.


Please contact Alison Bissett (Deputy Manager) for any further support on: 01424 435328 


For moreinformationn please go to https://www.esrauk.co.uk/



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Email: anton@sustained-change.com
Tel:  +44 7810 202368

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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