Why Gazing Performance Systems?

I have been looking for additional services that compliment my business and have been in conversation with Gazing for some time to understand their model and approach, which I believe is unique in the marketplace. For this reason I have entered into partnership with them.

Established in 1998 Gazing Performance Systems is a global company that are specialists in performance under pressure.

Working in business, sport and education, we help individuals and teams to maximise their potential and achieve sustainable improvement in their results.

Why Gazing?

In broad terms, the answer is simple. No one can offer you greater proven expertise in maximising the ability of individuals, teams and organisations to perform to their full potential when the pressure is on.

But let's be a bit more specific . . . The Gazing difference - in a nutshell A sharper focus on results ! With many conventional forms of training, it can be very hard to evaluate effectiveness. When you work with Gazing, you'll find our approach is designed to ensure a measurable impact on performance, not just at the level of behaviour and skills, but also in terms of results - ensuring a strong return on your investment.

A more practical approach to performing under pressure. A lot of training sounds good on paper or in the seminar room, but proves of little value in the real world. In contrast, Gazing focus on helping individuals and teams develop the ability to think clearly, feel in control and act effectively when faced by the kind of pressures that arise every day, in every modern workplace.

A better long term investment In many cases, the positive effects of training prove short-lived. Based upon the skilful use of simple one page maps and practical tools, Sales Management tools included, the Gazing approach dramatically increases retention of information and ideas.

And through ongoing coaching for managers and implementation support, we work to ensure people continue to make good use of what they learned on a long term basis - thereby maximising our clients' ROI.

Gazing devise and implement systems that give people the direction, the insight and the practical MAP & TOOLS they need to deliver their best when it really counts.

The Gazing approach to optimising performance is all about doing the simple things exceptionally well. We help people learn how to think clearly and execute the skills they have, consistently, whatever situation they find themselves in.

But, in the incredibly complex environment that is the human mind, such "simplicity" is anything but simple to achieve.

The negative effects of pressure can mean that people feel overwhelmed and distracted, and what we would refer to as a red head.

The Gazing methodology will help people to overcome negativity so that they feel more in control and on task and move into a blue head state.

To achieve this, people need three main things:

1. A clear "big picture" understanding of the task in hand

2. A well-defined framework in which to operate

3. Practical tools and knowledge


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