Performance Under Pressure

I went to see a fantastic film last night called Free Solo (it also won a BAFTA) about Alex Honnold, a Professional Climber who was the first person to free climb (without ropes) El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, California and just to add a little more to the situation he had the Film Crew following him and drones flying around. El Captain is 3000 ft of vertical granite, almost like glass and for me one of the greatest achievements of the modern era.

It is also the epitome of performance under pressure, the consequences in this situation are huge, one wrong move and it's certain death.

The interesting thing was the amount of detail he went into on each of the moves he had to make and the amount of practice he put on each pitch. This provided him with the structure to rely on when the pressure was on making it far less

It reminds me of how closely this aligns to Gazing's RedBlue approach and requires the absolute focus on the three things that help in these situations - skillset, mindset, and structure.

Performing under pressure is also relevant to the business world, we need to be at our best when the pressure is on, to think clearly, feel in control and deliver our best results.

Watch the trailer here:

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